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What you need to know about Teeth Whitening

There are many patients that are candidates for teeth whitening.  Here is more information about what causes tooth discoloration and how we can help these candidates.  There are also natural ways to whiten you smile as well. What Causes Teeth to be Stained? The most common causes for teeth to get stained or yellow are:

How to prepare your child for their first dental visit | Bentsen Good & Irvin DDS

How to Prepare Your Child for the First Visit With the Dentist

Your child’s first dental visit can be daunting for both the parent and the child. Many of us have anxiety when going to the dentist ourselves and we want our children to have an experience that promotes good practices moving forward. The dentist is full of new things for a young child – strange instruments,

10 Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

10 Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Although consistent check ups with your dentist can help reduce the risk of mouth cancer being overlooked, it is important to understand all of the early signs and symptoms of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer.  Some of the early symptoms can appear like the lingering common cold. 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer  Sores,

How Regular Exercise can help lower the risk of gum disease

How Exercise Can Help Your Oral Health

We all know that regular exercise is a great benefit to your overall health.  As it turns out, exercise is not just good for your body, but it is also for your overall dental health and maintaining healthy gums. How regular exercise can lower your risk of gum disease. Periodontitis, also know as gum disease,

3 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

3 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, soda drinker or smoker, your chances of discolored teeth are certainly increased.  There is light at the end of the tunnel to whiten your teeth though!  Here are some ways that you can naturally whiten your teeth. 1.  Brush your teeth after eating or drinking It may take

3 Vitamins that can help your dental health

3 Vitamins that can help your dental health

With good health comes good teeth.  Eating a balanced nutritious diet, avoiding sugary sweets, and brushing our teeth are just a few things we can do to boost our immune system and our oral hygiene.  But here are some vitamins that we may have overlooked that can benefit the strength and longevity of our dental health.

Invisalign | Bentsen, Goodrich and Irvin General Dentistry in Greensboro, NC

5 Reasons to Use Invisalign

There are many reasons why Invisalign can help you including proper jaw alignment, better teeth positioning and better overall dental health.  However, the REAL questions are, “how will this help me on a day to day basis?”.  Well, the answer is, it will help you a lot in different ways. The timeline Most braces are

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we are inviting you to SHARE THE LOVE with your friends and family.  Bring in your address book and we will personally send a Valentine’s Day card to your friends and family of choice. The Details: Come into the office or simply click this link to give us the addresses you’d like a card

5 Foods Your Dentist Wants You to Stay Away From

While it’s important to have a varied diet, some food choices are a lot less tooth-friendly than others. Read on to learn about five foods your dentist would prefer you avoid. Sugary Foods Sugar sends the bacteria in your mouth into a feeding fury, producing acids that damage your teeth and lead to decay. But

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