Why the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come: Excuses to Bide You Time

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Why the Tooth Fairy Didn't Come

As parents, we try to do it all.  We juggle packing lunches, baseball practice, school concerts and sleep overs.  At the end of the day we are bound to have something fall through the cracks of our system.  More often than not, the tooth fairy falls short.  So to help you bide some time with your kiddos, here are some excuses to buy you another day for the tooth fairy to come.

1. The Tooth Fairy Couldn’t Make it Due to Bad Weather

Ok, so this can’t work every day of the year, but in certain conditions of extreme heat or cold, the tooth fairy simply can’t travel.

2. Have the Tooth Fairy Leave a Note

Nothing is better than getting a note from the tooth fairy herself, right?  Kids still get excited about a note and it can buy you another night to scrounge up some change.

3. The Tooth Fairy Ran out of Money

You know what? She’s a tiny fairy. How many coins can she really carry on any given night?

4. The Tooth Fairy Had the Wrong Address

Mapquest gave her bad directions and she went to the wrong address.  It happens…

5. The Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Work on Holidays

The tooth fairy needs family time too.  She takes off during the holidays.

6. Elaborate Tales of Fairy Business

Being a fairy is tough business.  Sometimes the tooth fairy has to fill in for Tinkerbell or the Easter Bunny is planning a strike.  After all, it is tough being a fairy.

7. Give the Guilt Trip

Sometimes you have to pull over the bad child card.  “If you want the tooth fairy to come, you need to brush your teeth.”

8.  The Tooth Fairy Found Pokemon

Pokemon is a popular guy right now.  He’s all over the place.  So when she found him, she had to continue on her quest to find him in all his locations.

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