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Why is my morning breath so bad | Bentsen Goodrich & Irvin DDS

Learn the common causes of morning breath (halitosis) and how it can be minimized here:

Are you one of those persons that absolutely dreads that bad morning breath? Don’t want to offend your bedtime partner in the morning? Then here are a few clues to help get you on the way to a better morning!

What causes bad morning breath? When you sleep, the mouth dries out causing odor-producing bacteria to grow and our saliva to decrease. Additional reasons may be eating (without brushing) right before going to bed, smoking, and some medicines.

How can bad morning breath be minimized? Firstly, practice proper tooth brushing techniques right before going to bed. Be sure not to eat and leave food particles in your mouth overnight, as this can cause holitosis. Also, brush your tongue. Yes, you heard right – brushing your tongue can minimize bad morning mouth as much as anything! Additionally, flossing before going to bed can remove the harmful food particles that can contribute to bad morning breath. If this still doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for, try rinsing with a flouride mouthwash also right before going to bed. Be sure to rinse for the full 30 seconds for the full effect!

Next Step: greet your partner with a morning kiss!

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